Points Advocates for medical marijuana in North Carolina Are presenting

“I started my own micro-dosing procedure with no knowledge of whether this was going to work or not,” Suttle said. “When I went back, we did the scan, the tumor had not shrunk, but it also had not grown and all the swelling in the brain was gone. My speech was back, my vision was back, I wasn’t blacking out, I didn’t have word aphasia anymore.”

Chris Suttle who was diagnosed with a frontal lobe brain mass in 2017 said he said he believes that with cannabis his symptoms diminished significantly.

He also started lobbying for cannabis legislation. Five years later, he’s still at it. He thought that this year, his efforts were going to bear fruit, but his hopes were dashed when the General Assembly declined to move on a bill that would have legalized the medical use of marijuana in the legislative session that recessed a few weeks ago. Although lawmakers are due back in Raleigh on July 26 to tie up loose ends from their work this year, it’s unlikely that they will take up significant legislation at that time.

For Suttle and others with similar diagnoses who want to try using medical marijuana for their conditions in North Carolina, they will likely have to wait another year.

Other Factors to legalize Weed in North Carolina

State Republican Sen. Bill Rabon (R-Southport), a primary sponsor, said the bill would make medical marijuana “very tightly regulated” and would be one of the strictest in the nation.

The Compassionate Care Act, proposed in 2021, would legalize medical marijuana for a limited scope of people with certain diagnosed medical conditions. 

The Compassionate Care Act would have legalized the use of marijuana to treat the following conditions for those want to buy Buy CANNABIS Online North Carolina

-Positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
-Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
-Crohn’s Disease
-Sickle cell anemia
-Parkinson’s disease
-Post-traumatic stress disorder, subject to evidence that an applicant experienced one or more traumatic events. Acceptable evidence shall include, but is not limited to, proof of military service in an active combat zone, that the person was the victim of a violent or sexual crime, or that the person was a first responder.
Multiple sclerosis
Cachexia or wasting syndrome
Severe or persistent nausea in a person who is not pregnant that is related to end-of-life or hospice care, or who is bedridden or home bound because of a condition.
A terminal illness when the patient’s remaining life expectancy is less than six months.
A condition resulting in the individual receiving hospice care.
Any other serious medical condition or its treatment

The bill passed the North Carolina Senate with bipartisan support, and bipartisan opposition, but its eventual success there was largely due to Rabon’s encouragement. However, the bill stalled in the House.

Medicinal Marijuana vs. recreational Weed in North Carolina

Though there is case-based evidence about the effectiveness of medical marijuana, Allyn Howlett, one of the nation’s leading cannabinoid researchers and professor of physiology and pharmacology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine said marijuana cannot be classified as medicinal because it has not yet been approved for that use by the Food and Drug Administration.

“I just don’t think it should be called medical if it is not going to be going through the Food and Drug Administration and provide the same kinds of data and the same guidelines that all medicines do when they get approved to be used in patients,” Howlett said. 

Though Sargent is a big proponent of medical marijuana for pain management, she said she does not think marijuana should be used recreationally.

“I just would like to see this law pass. I don’t (use it) for recreation, no, absolutely no, no, no and no,” she argued. “I know people are going to try to find it no matter what, but I don’t agree with them passing the law on recreational use.

”But for medicinal purposes, it should be passed because there are people that are really in pain.”

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