Here are Our Payment Methods after serious consideration.

Please read this area carefully before you place your order.

Place your order with us only if you accept our payment method. 

In order to provide Maximum security and the safety of our customers, and to keep all transactions discreet, we have three main methods of payment.

  1. *Bitcoins: First, and most preferred is Bitcoins. For orders as from $100 and above.

  2. *Gift card codes: Secondly, we now accept Gift card codes. For orders as from $100 and above.

  3. *Wired transfer: Thirdly, wired transfer via Western Union( Orders as from $250 and above)  and Money Gram(orders as from $300 and above). At the moment and for some security reasons, all wire transfer payments will be sent to our offshore base in Europe

1: How to Pay Online with Bitcoins
2: How to Pay with Gift card Codes
3: Wire Transfer. (Western Union and Money Gram)
Bank to Bank transfers

Bitcoins are the most secure and safest way to pay drugs online. They have no leaks and no logs. If you will be buying drugs online, get bitcoins wallet now.

Paying with bitcoins is easy and safest. Even if you don't yet have a bitcoin wallet. It is easy to create one and get bitcoins in 20 minutes. Go to, or  Or and create a bitcoin wallet for free by following simple steps, contact a vendor and buy bitcoins using PayPal or credit cards.Go to your account settings and add payment method (Credit/Debit card, Bank Account, PayPal) and buy bitcoins. Then contact us for our bitcoin wallet to send the bitcoins.  Check how to buy bitcoins online. is the easiest place to buy bitcoins online. Check video here

You can pay up to $10000 with bitcoins.

Orders paid with bitcoins are processed and shipped within 1 hour. Those chosing express shipping should chose this method of payment.

Physical Cards only

We accept Steam Gift card codes only.

Since everyone is not yet familiar with bitcoins, we decided to facilitate things by accepting Steam gift card codes. Moreover, due the slowness of Wire transfer and the lack of reliability, gift card codes are easily converted in to money and they are safer to use. Just go to any store and buy them. You can pay up to $2500 with Steam Gift card codes.

*You can buy them in the USA at Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, Walgreens, FredMeyer, Albertsons, Safeway, Supermarkets,  etc.

Make sure you buy the amount as from $10-$100 and not more than $100.

*In Australia, you can buy them at Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Walmart, RiteAid, Walgreens, BestBuy, GameStop, EB Games, Grocery Store and also At Jb Hi Fi. (may need to ask up the main desk, where you'd ask for Money Order and such). In Australia, make sure you buy the amount as from $10 USD or AUD and not more than $100 USD or AUD. And Also, the cost of products is in USD, so if you are buying the cards in AUD make sure you take note of the exchange rate.

*In Europe, buy them at, Media Markt, GameStop UK, etc.  The amount in any currency should not be less than 10 (euros) and not more than 100 (euros).

Orders paid with gift card codes are processed and shipped within 1 hour. Those chosing express shipping should chose this method of payment

Same for Asian countries.

After buying them, scratch them and send the full picture of the cards making sure that the codes are visible.

Less secured since the beginning of 2018

At the moment, money will be sent to our base in Europe only.  Also note that using this method takes a lot of time for payment to be confirmed. This depends on the sending time and time zones. Be ready to wait until payment is received if you are using this method. 

But, we can still ask our clients to pay in any of the regions depending on the situation and time.

To pay via Western Union, your order must be As from $250. This means that any order less than $250 should either be paid for with Bitcoins or gift card codes. To pay via Money gram, your order must be as from $300 upward.

With the Wired transfer, we can direct our customers to send money to any of the following countries: USA or France. We reserve the right to make the decision as to where our client will pay.

Bank to Bank transfers are reserved only for those buying in bulk and order as from $2500 and above

Take serious note Here:

If for any reason you are not ready and willing to pay using the above payment methods, do not submit your order. 

That is, place your order with us only if you completely accept and ready to use the above-secured payments method.

We are here only for those who are seriously in need of Medical Marijuana and its related products.

And we are ready to deliver it to them in any location of their choice.