We now ship from within the following states in Australia. That is,  New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania,  We have manage to secure products to our newly created bases within these states. Supply is limited and we are accepting bulk orders. Delivery will be more easily and faster now for the time the stock will last.

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Marijuana is widely use in Australia. It is either use for recreational or medical purposes. Cannabis was first widely available in Australia long ago and was used freely until 1920s. Australia first responded to the issue of cannabis use in the 1920s, acting as a signatory to the 1925 Geneva Convention on Opium and Other Drugs that saw the use of cannabis restricted for medicinal and scientific purposes only. Cannabis was grouped with morphine, cocaine and heroin, despite cannabis’ rare use as a medicine or remedy in Australia at the time.

Since then buying marijuana in Australia has not very easy. Entry the Australian market in the late 2000s was very challenging.

Things started to become as from 17 October 2015, the Federal Government announced that it would legalize the growing of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes. On 24 February 2016, the Australian parliament made amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act that legalized the growing of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes. Subsequently, the usage of medicinal cannabis was legalized at the federal level on 1 November 2016.

Victoria became the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis on 12 April 2016, with prescriptions also available in New South Wales and Western Australia the same year. Queensland and Tasmania followed in 2017, whilst South Australia and the Northern Territory are yet to legalize medical marijuana. Entirecannabis took the opportunity and acquire the legal license to distribute medical marijuana in Australia. In 2017, due to high demand, we started setting up a base in Australia. And in 2018, we finally established two bases for shipping marijuana in Australia. One of the bases is in Victoria from where we ship only emergency orders to our customers.

At the moment, buying marijuana online in Australia very easy, just go to and place your order. Make payment and you will receive your order in no time.

Having operated in the US for long, we introduced some of those methods here and it has made everything easy. Buy weed online in Australia now without any stress. We understood that not everyone has the license to buy medical marijuana. Entirecannabis delivers to everyone who is interested. Whether you are buying for medical or recreational use, we will still deliver it to you for this reason, delivery has been very discreet successful and very safe for our customers.

To buy cannabis online, Entirecannabis is ready to deliver products to everyone in Australia and New Zealand who are interested and ready to buy. We do discreet deliveries to every nooks and cranny of Australia and New Zealand without any problem. Our products are top notch both from Colorado and California. 

Shipping is 100% guaranteed. So, provide a valid email and address for effective discreet delivery.