Cannabis May Help Protect Against Osteoporosis

marijuana,treatment,osteoporosis,endocannabinoid system,protect

Marijuana  has shown to be beneficial in treating a variety of diseases related to age, one of which being .Osteoporosis  which is often overlooked in this regard, but of recent has been linked to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

What Is Osteoporosis?

marijuana,treatment,osteoporosis,endocannabinoid system,protect

The term osteoporosis is linked to the aging process and refers to “porous bones”.  It’s a disorder where the bones lose their mass and mineral content rendering them more fragile and susceptible to fractures. Research has shown that medical cannabis is an osteoarthritis treatment and that it helps lower the risk of osteoporosis and strengthens bone tissue. it should be noted that the disorder triggered by osteoporoses  causes irregularly porous and compressible bone. This skeletal disorder weakens the bone and leads to frequent bone breaks or fractures.

Before getting to the level of osteoporosis, a patient may first have osteopenia which consist of a bone disorder in which the bone is not as dense as normal bone but isn’t quite at the point of bone in osteoporosis.

The normal human bone is made up of collagen, calcium and protein, all of which provide the bone with its strength.  Just a minor injury can fracture or break bones affected by osteoporosis and this fracture or break can either occur in a “cracking” form, like the case with a fractured hip, or a “collapsing” form, like in a spine or vertebral compression fracture. The parts of body susceptible to osteoporosis include the hips, ribs, spine and wrists, but fractures related to osteoporosis may also occur in just about any skeletal bone.

The most common bone disease is age-related osteoporosis which over time, causes the bones to weaken, putting them at an increased risk to be fractured.  However, little is known about the causes of the condition, but it involves decreased bone formation and the accumulation of fat in the bone marrow compartment.

How/Why Cannabis Can Be an Effective Treatment for Osteoporosis

marijuana,treatment,osteoporosis,endocannabinoid system,protect

The legalization for medical cannabis is being welcomed in many states, and researchers found that those who used marijuana heavily had only a five percent lower bone density than those who didn’t use marijuana at all.  Some of the numerous other factors, too, that potentially affect an individual’s bone health, such as: Physical activity levels, Gender, Age, Alcohol consumption, Calcium intake and Weight.


This research defined “heavy marijuana use” as smoking marijuana over 5,000 times during a lifetime. So, in the research alone, this averages out to where the heavy users smoked marijuana over 47,000 times in their lifetime. Moderate marijuana users in the study smoked were those who smoked marijuana approximately   1,000 times during their lifetime and it didn’t look to the researchers as though marijuana had any impact on bone health.

Some other newer studies have revealed that CBD, THC and CBG help in accelerating bone healing, slowing bone degeneration and preventing diseases. Marijuana and osteoarthritis treatment helps control osteoporosis and arthritis pain. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body plays a significant role in growing, strengthening and preserving the bones.  The interaction of CB1 and CB2 receptors with the body’s other biochemical networks, like the immune system, renders them active against bone disease.

In the course of the study, rats with broken thigh bones were injected by the researchers with CBD and THC or straight CBD. It was observed that THC didn’t show a whole lot of effect as far as making the self-healing mechanisms of the body speed up, but pure CBD did. The researchers also observed the CBD-treated rats’ bones didn’t heal quicker, but because of a strengthened fracture callus, their previous fracture became less likely to encounter a future break and that the treated bone was up to 50 percent stronger than the bone not treated.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis That Can Be Treated By Medical Marijuana

The cannabinoids have shown to be therapeutic and beneficial in treating bone injury and preventing osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Additionally, marijuana and osteoporosis treatment may also be a helpful pain management mechanism. Some other ways medical marijuana  may help are with: Fracture pain, Chronic post-injury pain, Inflammation, Trouble sleeping, Depression, Anxiety

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