Older  adults can benefit from marijuana in many ways especially those  with chronic conditions as the legalization of marijuana in most states  across the country has given more access than ever to the healing properties of the all-natural marijuana plant. One of the main problems faced by old people is a lack of energy or motivation to do anything. It should be noted that there are certain cannabis strains that actually energize the user and make them more productive as older people struggling with sleepiness can take advantage of the uplifting nature of these strains, while also reaping the additional health benefits of the marijuana plant.

Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana to Energize the Elderly


It should be noted that elderly patients  will experience the same benefits other users do when they take marijuana medicine. Marijuana treats many  primary conditions and symptoms associated with old age, such as: Chronic pain in the muscles or joints, Inflammation of the muscles or skin, Lack of energy to perform daily activities, Small or lack of appetite, Headaches, Sore, congested throats, Behavioral issues like ADHD, Mental conditions like anxiety and depression, Irritability or confusion and many others.

Most old people depend on prescription painkillers to combat these side effects and symptoms when they experience them, but the problem is that prescription medications are associated with side effects such as making patients feel extremely foggy in the head, confused or dazed. Marijuana medications are advantageous in that patients can treat the same symptoms without experiencing these adverse effects.


Another disadvantage of painkillers — especially opioids  is that they can also be incredibly addictive, and can cause the user to develop increasing tolerance to the drug which may force the  patient to take more and more of the medication to achieve the same effect, thus  putting  them at high risk of an overdose.

Medical Marijuana strains to Energize older people

For those looking for marijuana strains that achieve a specific effect, it’s important for them to understand the breakdown of marijuana plants. It should be noted that marijuana is composed of hundreds of cannabinoids, which are the components that give the plant its medicinal and psychoactive qualities.  The two primary cannabinoids  or compounds in marijunuana include: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): which  is the psychoactive comound  in marijuana,  known for its  uplifting  and energizing properties and  also  for creating  the “high” associated with marijuana  use. THC is an essential component in many medicinal purposes of cannabis. Another important compound is Cannabidiol (CBD): which does not make the user feel high but rather only creates a sense of relaxation and calmness and provides medicinal effects like pain relief and reduced inflammation.


This implies that every cannabis strain has a different THC: CBD ratio and a tiny percentage of most types contain other lesser-known cannabinoids. Old people can chose from three types of strains which include:

  • Sativa: These strains are known to have a higher THC content than CBD content, so they tend to energize the user and give them a noticeable head high and are also known to be best for increasing appetite.
  • Indica:These strains are famous for making the user sleepy and relaxed.  They generally have a higher CBD content, are not uplifting or energizing as much as sativa strains. But it should be noted that indica strains still have some THC, so they are capable of making the user. Only pure CBD cannabis products allow users to entirely avoid this side.
  • Hybrids:just like word sounds, hybrids are a mixture of the two principal strains (sativa and Indica) cultivated to achieve a specific ratio of sativa effects to indica effects.  It should be noted that some hybrids are indica-dominant; some are sativa-dominant while others are nearly perfect 50-50 combinations.


Old people who need energizing strains should look for sativa strains and potentially some hybrids. Some of the most popular uplifting marijuana strains include : Durban Poison (sativa), Jillybean (hybrid), Harlequin (sativa), Chocolope (sativa), Ghost Train Haze (sativa), Green Crack (sativa), XJ-13 (hybrid), Sour Diesel (sativa), Jack Herer (sativa), Pineapple Express (hybrid), AK-47 (hybrid), Lemon Haze (sativa) and primary Strawberry Cough (sativa) just to name a few.

These are just a few popular strain names in a world of thousands of choices out there. For older people who need more energy and want to avoid the side effects associated with prescription drugs, they can try marijuana, it works like magic. It just suffices to get the perfect strain and perfect dose.

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