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Tahoe OG is a hybrid strain  that with a delicious flavor and a killer high.  Tahoe OG was created in California and has maintained its high-profile status ever since the late 80’s when it first emerged. For marijuana lovers on the hunt for a new bud to try in 2020, Tahoe OG will surely not disappoint, and this article will let you know what this bud has to offer.

Tahoe OG details?

This strain was created by Ganja Guru over in California, and should not to be confused with Tahoe OG Kush. This strain is a phenotype of the original OG strain, and it possesses an array of the typical OG traits that have made this strain so famous and well loved. This strain is a typically a 50/50 hybrid, although some versions of this bud can lean more towards an indica or sativa background.  Tahoe OG has recorded a tremendous success of itself over the years; as it came third place in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, and was accredited time and time again for its potential medicinal benefits that have seen it become a patient favorite all over the world over.

 This strain has a high THC level at around 22%, and has got a reputation for its fast-acting and pretty pungent effects as its users will be able to benefit from a familiar uplifting yet sedative buzz. However for those who are trying this strain for first time it is advisable to start with a very small amount; it is all you will need, trust us!

Flavor, Aroma of Tahoe OG per Entirecannabis

Regular consumers of OG will have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the flavor and aroma of Tahoe OG because there are a lot there are a lot of similarities when it comes to the citrus and piney scents which provide a warming and comforting feel for any seasoned user.

Tahoe OG has a pretty tall and lanky structure, and offers some uniquely bulky calyxes, which are easy to spot thanks to their neon green hue coupled with  generous coating of trichomes. This plant has dense which are above releasing and average off a deliciously pungent aroma. There exist sprinklings of burnt orange pistils amongst the slender leaves and frosty trichomes that bring a pop of color to this otherwise pretty plain strain

This strain has a lemony aroma that has a subtle note of pine underneath and an almost fuel-like scent which has been much appreciated by the user.  It should be noted that once the buds of this strain are broken up there is a sudden hint of spice that makes for a wonderful combination. When this strain is first inhaled the flavors match the scent, offering a citrus taste with earthy notes, and when it is exhaled the user is left with an aftertaste that resembles chemical and petrol.

Tahoe OG Growing Tips

This strain is said to be pretty tricky to grow, so new growers may want to steer clear of this strain for now. Tahoe OG can successfully be grown both indoors as well as outdoors, and offers a moderate to high yield when well grown. Tahoe OG certainly takes its time to mature, with the average flowering time ranging from between nine and ten weeks. For marijuana growers who are after a discreet plant or are restricted regarding space, this strain may not be the ideal strain for them as it tends to grow pretty tall and can take up quite a lot of space with its fairly broad width.

The Medicinal Benefits of Tahoe OG

Buy legit marijuana online and benefit a lot. Although this strain is a hybrid bud, it does not produce a somewhat overwhelming indica vibe to the high, rendering it an evening or night bud. For marijuana lovers who want looking for a perfect sleep strain, Tahoe OG could be the ideal strain as it offers peaceful physical relaxation and a feeling of mental clarity that goes far in relieving stress and worries.

 This strain is also good for patients suffering from headaches, migraines and chronic pain due to its full body numbing high that can relieve pain in minutes and leave you feeling super lazy and chilled. It should however be noted that only a tiny amount of this strain is needed to benefit from the positive effects, a little too much could see the couch-lock setting in!

Many regular consumers of marijuana have credited Tahoe OG for providing a much-needed boost of motivation and creativity when taken in small amounts, thus this strain can be a great way to help clear the mental cobwebs.

Tahoe OG is also good for those struggling with appetite loss or insomnia, as it has been known to make hunger pangs kick-in within minutes, and the high from this strain can last up to three hours, so it is advisable stocking the cupboards with food in advance. Generally for those on the hunt for a strain that will eradicate pain and relieve worries, and even induce a little creativity and a fit of giggles, this is indeed the ideal strain

Tahoe OG Possible Side Effects

The most significant side effect of Tahoe OG that has been reported by users is the couch-lock, which can be pretty tricky to avoid due to the pungent nature of this strain.  This will not be a problem to users who are after a long evening in on the sofa, but for those looking for the more stimulating benefits of the strain; it is advisable they have only a minimal amount.

Some users have equally reported slight dizziness, usually attributed to taking too much of the strain, while most users report dry eyes and mouth, which is very common with most marijuana strain. However, Tahoe OG doesn’t appear to have any detrimental side effects, and no  reports on it causing paranoia have been recorded, making it a great choice for those suffering from anxiety.


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