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Super lemon Haze is another essential marijuana  strain created  by  Green House Seeds,  and is the citrusy daughter of Super Silver Haze, packed-full of sativa-dominant energy and liveliness, and is perfectly suited for the large portion of users  that tends to suffer from fatigue and exhaustion, especially the workers who have to exert mass amounts of productivity throughout most of life. This cannabis strain is a tastier, healthier alternative to drinking crazy amounts of coffee or caffeine, without the eventual crash and burn, implying that it gives, more expendable energy, with less of the depression inducing downfalls.

super lemon haze marijuana strain

Buy weed online at Super Lemon Haze rose  to become a “celebrity” of the cannabis world due to its award-winning status as it took home the High Times Cannabis Cup first place award in both 2008 and 2009 and has been refered to as the  most prestigious cannabis strain  in the world. This strain was developed by the brilliant scientists in the Netherlands at Green House Seeds and has a hefty genetic lineage, with a stunning combination of Lemon Skunk hybrid and Super Silver Haze sativa being the privileged parents of this famous strain. Just like its parent Super Silver Haze, this strain is a more  citrusy version of its grey and pastel hued family member, and also holds a sativa dominant genetic lineage thus invoking similar effects of liveliness, ambitiousness and stimulation. This strain is considered a sativa, though it actually consists of an 80% sativa, 20% indica makeup thrown-in serving as a means to calm the nerves and keep its user  cool and collected.

The Aroma, Flavor, Appearance of Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain has an overwhelming skunky and pungent aroma that reminds its user of a spicy, incense-like smell combined with top notes of sugary citrus which float into the mix, creating a combination worth remembering

The taste of this strain is lemony, citrus, extremely sweet and earthy flavor which consumes your taste buds, leaving you wanting more. The taste of this strain is almost artificial-like, similar to a lemonhead or other candy with a lemon essence

In terms of appearance-wise, Super Lemon Haze is crystalline, coated with a thick layer of glistening, clear and resinous trichomes supported by its heightened THC content. The sugary buds of this strain are neon/light green in color, with hues of orangey-yellow pistils mixed in. the water leaves of this strain are long and far-stretching with deep, healthy and vibrant green shade, causing this strain to appear lively and appealing.

Info about how to grow Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a rare blend of high yielding strain yet easy to grow. The plants of this strain typically produce better when grown indoors and generate a more pungent and distinct lemony aroma when in a controlled environment

However Super Lemon Haze crops do grow reasonably tall due to the sativa genetics of this strain, thus necessitating adequate inside space for this marijuana to thrive and flourish.  For those who want to grow it indoors, Super Lemon Haze seeds can be grown successfully, using either hydroponics or nutrient-rich soil, but a soil method is ideal as it will promote the development of a richer flavor. It is also possible to grow it outdoors, but a sunny, but this will require a shaded environment with a Mediterranean-like climate and plenty of foliage support.

Super Lemon Haze flowers from around 9-10 weeks, which is average in the world of marijuana and harvesting, can be done at mid-late October for outdoor grown plants. Successfully grown plants can yield around 35 ounces per plant if cultivated outdoors, and around 28 ounces per square meter if grown indoors. Generally, the Super Lemon Haze strain is worth growing

Effects of consuming Super Lemon Haze.

Super Lemon Haze elevates the mood of the user, bringing positive energy and creative introspection to those who consume it and for those who feel as if life has become mundane, repetitive or boring, it brings about motivation and livelihood, generating a reason to move onwards. This strain presents an intriguing balance, with an all-over body relaxation and buzz, with  a mental control and focus that causes this marijuana strain to be suitable at any time during the day an even  during work hours.

Super Lemon Haze is considerably promising for those who are overly stressed-out by business, work or full-time employees and those who have devoted much of their life to their job as they can find real relief with a reefer type like this one. It is also ideal for artists who might be feeling a block as it generates real inspiration and enlightenment, causing creation to replenish naturally and effortlessly.

Medical Benefits of the Super Lemon Haze Marijuana Strain

This cannabis strain is not suitable for directly treating medical conditions that require  CBD-heavy cannabis products since it a  CBD low strain  and is instead primarily beneficial at assisting individuals suffering from some of the negative adverse effects that can arise due to a more serious medical ailment, such as those dealing with serious medical conditions  involving mass amounts of uncomfortable or even painful symptoms require  a THC-rich strain.Those experiencing a more physical side of the pain spectrum are advised to take a larger than average dose of this cannabis strain so it can work at its full ability and produce the best results possible.

Direct and highly-potent methods of absorption, requiring less energy expenditure than simply smoking many bowls at a time consist of  consuming edibles, hash, bubble hash, candies, gummies, pill-form THC, live resin or concentrates and these methods  also protect users  lungs from smoke exposure.

Super Lemon haze is also ideal for treatment of medical conditions in the mental realm such as depression, stress and anxiety by consuming a balanced quantity when experiencing a mental disorder, because the overconsumption of any marijuana strain in this instance can trigger an increase in unpleasant paranoia, anxiety, and stress.

Possible Negative Effects of Super Lemon Haze Cannabis

Those who are prone to THC induced paranoia or stress, should be careful when consuming any type of cannabis that has a considerably greater than average quantity of this high-inducing component. Super Lemon Haze presents very few negative side effects common with most marijuana strains such dry mouth (cottonmouth), dry eyes and dehydration commonly reported by users.  However, dehydration and cottonmouth are easy to manage, simply by drinking a greater than average amount of hydrating fluids such as drinking plenty of water before, during and after smoking.

Also dry or itchy eyes can be managed by using moisturizing eye drops, which can assist with any of your eye related discomforts. Apart from these fairly basic adverse effects, most consumers experience a pleasant and unproblematic high, adding to the benefits of choosing Super Lemon Haze as your favorite sativa

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