marijuana,cannabis,breast cancer,treatment,symptoms

Though marijuana cannot   cure cancer, a widespread but often treatable disease, it can be of great help in keeping recovery and quality of life on track. This article will throw a little bit of light about this prevalent condition, and the promise and use of marijuana for breast cancer and its symptoms.


The background of marijuana for Breast Cancer

marijuana,cannabis,breast cancer,treatment,symptoms

 It should be noted that breast cancer is the most common cancer, which is most often diagnosed in women and a small number of men.  Though any diagnosis of cancer is naturally alarming, it is imperative to know that many forms of breast cancer are treatable.  The best way to facilitate effective treatment and recovery from any cancer is early diagnosis. For those who are not familiar with the disease and its symptoms and how cannabis helps, a good place to begin their education is with the 

Apart from   the standard allopathic or conventional medical interventions, there are a great many alternatives ways of treating the disease, cannabis being one.  The treatment taken by each person and recovery depends in large part upon their personal beliefs and trust in their doctor.  But so far, medical research on marijuana has proven without doubt that, cannabis is not a cure for cancer but definitely plays a role for breast cancer as far as addressing its symptoms and the side effects of treatment are concerned.

How Cannabis Helps for Symptoms and Side Effects of Breast Cancer

It is rather unfortunate that the current first-line treatments for breast cancer which consist of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are often accompanied by some degree of discomfort. There are usually some unpleasant sensations associated with treatment and recovery of cancer such as post-surgical pain, nausea, loss of appetite spurred by chemo, or other symptoms.  Thankfully, marijuana is coming into increasing use as a safe, gentle, and effective remedy for all these symtoms. Below are some of the main of marijuana uses specifically for breast cancer:

Pain Relief: several clinical studies have proven the use of marijuana for pain management. The major cannabinoids or active compounds in marijuana: THC and helps in addressing pain, in different ways. Marijuana is more beneficial in that, it is objectively far safer than the opioids frequently prescribed for pain. It suffices to find the perfect dose which usually entails a little trial and error, but once the optimal dose is gotten, marijuana is a gentler and sustainable approach to managing pain and discomfort.  That is why we always advise our patients to start low, and go slow as far as marijuana is concerned. 

Nausea and Loss of Appetite: Nausea, vomiting  and loss of appetite can either be  associated with cancer or caused by its treatment and these symptoms  are among the most unpleasant and debilitating effects of cancer, affecting approximately  50% of people with the disease. 

Marijuana has been used as an effective treatment for nausea for thousands of years  and equally to treat a variety of different ailments. Marijuana has mild anti-emetic qualities coupled with the sedation and euphoria associated with high-THC strains which can be an effective counterbalance to queasiness. 


Cancer treatment sometimes causes or is associated with loss of appetite. Research suggests that marijuana is an appetite stimulant because it causes the “munchies” making it an effective way for cancer patients to keep up their vital strength and body weight. 

Quality of Life:  patients’ overall quality of life is one of most important (but often overlooked) factor in recovery is. The use of marijuana can improve the experience of cancer treatment and help offset its more unpleasant side effects both for patient who enjoys THC’s pleasant psycho activity (the “high”) or those who prefer CBD’s non-psychoactive antidepressant and anti- anxiety qualities

Can marijuana actually cure Breast Cancer?

So far, what is known is that marijuana doesn’t cure cancer, but preliminary research suggests that some cannabinoids do fight cancer cells in laboratory settings.  However, more research is needed to determine the efficacy of this drug. As such, in the meantime, it cannot be stated with confidence that marijuana  is an effective cure for cancer but it is a very useful way to manage the symptoms and side effects of breast cancer treatment. 

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