Does Cannabis Tea Get You High (Psycho-active)?


The most popular ways of consuming marijuana is through smoking or edibles. However, of recent, there has been an increasing   interest in using parts of the marijuana plant to make cannabis-infused tea instead.  Brewing cannabis into a tea for medical uses is not a newfound idea or practice as marijuana and hemp have been used in tea form for centuries as treatment for several ailments.  One of the major benefits of consuming cannabis tea over smoking is that the impact of tea on the respiratory system is very minimal. This article tries to answer the question if cannabis tea gets the users high.

Does cannabis tea produce psycho-active effects?


The answer to this common question is simply yes. Cannabis tea can get the user high, but just not in the same way as smoking marijuana does. This is partially explained by the fact that when the tea is consumed vs the marijuana smoked the absorption rate of the tea is much slower and will stay in the users system for a longer period of time. 

Most frequent consumers have reported that it is possible to experience a mellow high from drinking marijuana tea. However, if the user experiences any type of high from consuming a marijuana-infused beverage, it will be dependent on the part of plant used as well as the dosage. 

The primary factor that can determine the high produced by cannabis infused tea is THC content per cup of tea. For users who want to make the tea at home, they will need to consider the marijuana strain, the part of the plant they are using, and how long they steep it for in order to determine the potency of the cannabis tea.

They should not forget to equate their tolerance, as well. If are regular smoker of marijuana, they may have a different experience than those that primarily use edibles or even those using any form of marijuana for the first time. 

 What should also be considered is the body size of the user. Just like with the effects of drinking alcohol, a larger person is able to consume more before feeling the effects. So, if the user is a smaller individual, his/her tea dosage may need to be much smaller than that of someone larger than him/her and vice versa.

Parts of the Marijuana Plant to Use for Cannabis Tea


One of pros about cannabis tea is that the user will be able to utilize the different parts of the marijuana plant. The consumers are free to choose between making cannabis tea from the buds/flowers, stems, as well as leaves.  However, what should be taken into consideration first when choosing the part of the marijuana plant to use is the effect the user wants it to take after consumption. 

If the user wants a tea with a higher THC content, he/she   should use the buds as that are the part of the plant that contains more THC. However, by using the leaves and stems, the user will be   able to have a more mild experience with his/her tea time. 

The user can also use CBD tea if he/she is looking for the calming and pain-relieving effects cannabis can offer without the high.  The user should often keep in mind that while certain  marijuana strains can have higher amounts of CBD than others, that CBD is most commonly extracted from hemp,  which is another type of cannabis plant. 

The part of the plant that the user uses and the method in which he/she  prepares  the tea will determine the effect it will have  on his/her body, thus  allowing  for a more personalized experience than smoking as the user can cater the tea to his/her body’s needs. 

Proper Cannabis Tea Dosage and Consumption

There is a common adage which states that   “start low and take it slow” when you start consuming  any form marijuana which implies starting with a low dosage while at the same time, allowing  the effects to take place in your body before consuming more. This is important for any user to remember when he/she trying a new method of use, because drinking cannabis-infused tea can affect his/her body differently than smoking or using other edibles. As such it often requires some trial and error to know the right dosage for the user’s body and his/her health needs. 


If the user is   not an experienced marijuana consumer, he/she will most likely start with a much lower dosage than someone with a higher tolerance. Since cannabis tea is a new method of consumption than smoking or edibles, all users are advised to start at around half a cup or 125ml per day to see how their body reacts. If this does not provide the desired effect, then they can slowly increase either the amount or potency of their brew by steeping longer or using higher THC potent buds. 

For somewhat regular marijuana users (either smoking or edibles), or once they feel comfortable, most medical experts prescribe increasing the dosage to just one cup or 250ml per day. Once drinking cannabis tea becomes a favorable experience, and/or if the user has an extremely high tolerance, two cups can be consumed a day in separate intervals, such that one cup is consumed every 12 hours. The dosage of cannabis tea taken should depend on personal experiences, body reaction, and how the user makes the tea. He/she should remember to start low and take it slow when he/she begins any form for cannabis-infused beverage making and drinking. 


 It should be noted that Both CBD and TCH are non-water soluble. So, when the user is making a cannabis-infused beverage of any kind, he/she will need some sort of fat like milk or coconut oil to allow for proper absorption. If he/she uses just water, his body will not be able to properly absorb the cannabinoids, and therefore he/she will not experience the effects.

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