Best marijuana strains for Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract that can affect any part of the GI tract, from the mouth to the rectum, although it may skip certain areas of the intestine, leaving some healthy, while other parts suffer. Ulcerative Colitis is a very similar disease in the IBD group of disorders, but it only affects the colon, affecting only the innermost lining of the colon.

To know you have Crohn’s Disease, the following symptoms will be noticed.

-Persistent diarrhea
-Rectal bleeding
-Abdominal pain and cramps
-Urgent need to move bowels
-The sensation of incomplete evacuation or “rectal tenesmus”

Other signs that are associated with IBD and causes Low back pain;

-Loss of appetite
-Weight loss
-Night Sweats
-Loss of menstrual cycle in women

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? These are painful, life-altering disorders, which is why Crohn’s Disease and Colitis are specified as qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in nearly half of all medical marijuana states.

These symptoms can be controlled somewhat through diet, but often cannabis offers some of the best relief for the most severe symptoms – cramps, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

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Hash Plant – Hybrid | Marijuana Strains for sale
Hash Plant – Hybrid | Marijuana Strains for sale

Pain and inflammation are highly associated with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Hash Plant is known for an abundance of trichomes and a heavy body stone. This sedative indica brings about an intense body high that lets your body melt and sink deep into the couch. As a result Hash Plant has a reputation for blissful euphoria, as well as easing pain and inflammation associated with Crohn’s and Colitis. The crystalline THC trichomes will help relieve chronic pain and inflammation. Hash Plant would be a wonderful selection to try before bedtime, or during the late evening hours.


Hog’s Breath

Buy Hog’s Breath online
Buy Hog’s Breath online

Hog’s Breath is a well-known indica with roots in the Kush landrace and is known for its potency against heavy pain and anxiety. Hog’s Breath produces an uplifting body high and, despite being mostly indica, doesn’t induce sedation. It’s good for the daytime and offers pain relief and appetite stimulation. As such this strain will go a long way to help with Crohn’s Disease.


Medicine Man

Medicine Man – Hybrid | Buy Marijuana online | Buy Weed
Medicine Man – Hybrid | Buy Marijuana online | Buy Weed

Medicine Man produces a very high number of cannabinoids which are is medically beneficial. Medicine Man lives up to its name by delivering potent pain relief with high levels of both THC and CBD. It produces heavy indica effects, which might be too much for new users. Experienced users find Medicine Man leaving them lazy, but happy. It’s good for pain relief and treating nausea. Because it’s sedating, users will want to use it with care. Crohn’s Disease can be treated by using this strain.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson strain for sale
Willie Nelson strain for sale

This strain is pure Sativa and known to breed creativity and euphoria. It enhances energy, but it can bring upon paranoia too. It’s been used for Crohn’s and glaucoma. It’s also used for stress, depression, and anxiety.


Golden Pineapple

Golden Pineapple strain for sale.
Golden Pineapple strain for sale.

Golden Pineapple is as delightful as it sounds. A hybrid cross that delivers uplifting, creative effects with a delicious fruity taste, it offers relief from stress and anxiety without causing fatigue. Golden Pineapple works well at relieving anxiety, depression and stress, all while keeping the mind and body free from fatigue. An essential balance between relaxing and energizing. it improves appetite and very good for those suffering from Crohn’s Disease and having difficulties to eat.



Buy Chemo strain online
Buy Chemo strain online

For Crohn’s disease patients who have lack of appetite, trouble eating or painful cramping, this marijuana strain could very well be a healing option. Chemo is just as a sedative as you might imagine – a heavy body high that’s perfect for chronic pain. Take note: the munchies are strong with this one. If you have stomach cramps or trouble eating, this strain will inspire your appetite.


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