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Top shelf lap tested Shatter for sale in Bulk. Good for both medical and recreational use. 

Already in Stock.

Girl Scout Cookies Shatter, Blue Dream Shatter, Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter, OG Kush Shatter, Orange Diesel Shatter, Blue Power Shatter, Xj-13-bho-shatter.

Coming soon. You can pre-order, limited supply. 

White Fire Alien OG Shatter, Strawberry Cough Shatter, Juicy Fruit Shatter, Durban Poison Shatter.


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4 reviews for Buy Shatter in Bulk

  1. timjonathan (verified owner)

    I got all of these over a week ago. The first thing I notice was how presentable the products were. Everything was neatly packaged. they level of hygiene was what we hardly see here in Australia. My group has a lot of customers from Victoria to Tasmania. The few that have tested the new stock have confirmed the quality. One woman who ordered Xj-13-bho-shatter has doubled her with the few that the new stock will get finished. There is no doubt these guys have got good stuff. If you are in Victoria or Tasmania, contact me through Wickr: timjonathan

  2. mageratebanks (verified owner)

    great collection

  3. sophia.johnson (verified owner)

    Where were these guys when I started business? Before I could make my first order, I was like, this is too good to be true, both when I got the stuff, I felt like, was it for real? In typical American style, they are too clean and perfect not only in the looks but the taste as well. I guess some people somewhere are too over serious with these cannabis things. Stuff I got from Dream was not this neat and clean. By the way, I like it that way. In Jacksonville, you will easily know a cannabis product when you see one.

  4. Jürgen Schneider (verified owner)

    Great bundle. My customers are dying for Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter and Strawberry Cough Shatter. With Strawberry Cough Shatter High is nearly instant, not too trippy but rather a very certain mental awareness. Almost all the products here are top notched. The only product which seems to have strange smell is Blue Power Shatter, it was not shatter like from the looks, but some customers instead like it that way. By the way, not much Europeans do master the taste and smell of these stuff.

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