The Essentials about Golden Pineapple Cannabis Strain (Review)

The Essentials about Golden Pineapple Cannabis Strain (Review)

Golden Pineapple is one of the most delicate and mild marijuana strain that induces a nice boost in mood without feeling overwhelmed or over stimulated. The flavor profile of this strain is just like its name sweet and tropical just like a fresh pineapple. This strain is ideal for relaxing or for painters as it is said to give users a boost in creativity. The wonderful pineapple taste and smell makes this marijuana with pineapple genetics highly sought after coupled with the fact it is an energizing hybrid that is suitable for novice users despite its high THC content.

What is the Golden Pineapple marijuana Strain?

 History holds that Golden Pineapple strain weed is a cross of Pineapple Kush and Golden Goat. It is a balanced hybrid created by Phat Panda and impacts both body and mind. This strain offers a sophisticated intense but not overwhelming and is also extremely aromatic and keeps the user in a feel-good state for hours.

The aroma, Flavor and Appearance of Golden Pineapple Marijuana Strain

Golden pineapple has an exceedingly sweet pineapple smell that fills a room which gets especially strong near harvest time. The mild citrus notes, along with a skunky and dank fragrance also make this weed hard to resist. In terms of flavor, this strain taste a bit like biting into a pineapple and the tropical fruitiness makes the users mouth water. When exhaled, a user may get a spicy taste along with the sweetness, and there is also a hint of citrus to round off the pleasurable smoking experience. Appearance wise, Golden Pineapple has vibrant neon green buds slightly similar to the Jack Herer strain. The buds of this strain are not as dense as other strains, and it looks a little like a stunning sandy beach when viewed up close because it is a balanced hybrid and trichomes begin to cover the plants once they get close to harvest time.

Golden Pineapple Strain Growing Tips

The Golden Pineapple seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors because these plants are highly resistant to common diseases such as mold and pest. This crop will grow in a hydroponics setup, but for those who decide to use soil as their growing medium, they should make sure they choose the highest possible quality.

Outdoor growers of Golden Pineapple should make sure they live in a warm and temperate climate. The crop should be ready for harvest at the end of September or in early October. However this strain has a relatively low yield even when everything is right as the yield is not likely to exceed 11 ounces per plant.

For indoor growers to cultivate this plant indoors, they should make sure they expose it to plenty of light because the plants need light to create energy. Once the light of this strain hits the surface of the leaves, the plant’s chlorophyll helps convert energy in sugars which are a plant’s food. Thus indoor growers should invest in LED or HPS lighting. Golden Pineapple flowers as from 8-9 weeks, and it can yield up to 13 ounces per square meter planted indoors

THC and CBD Content: Golden Pineapple cannabis is not a strain to be trifled with as it has a THC content ranging from 20% to 23% with less CBD of 0.3% to offset the psychoactive effects of THC.

The Effects Golden Pineapple Weed

Despite the high THC  potency of  Golden Pineapple, this strain  is a viable option for new marijuana user because it is a balanced hybrid,  and  provides users with the best of both sativa and indica effects. This is the ideal strain for those looking for some good times because it elevates your mood, and keeps you uplifted for hours. Golden pineapple gives users an energy boost while helping them to relax. Therefore, this strain can be used during the day or later in the evening for those who plan on enjoying a night out. Frequent users of this strain have revealed that it is also associated with a boost in creativity which makes it a solid choice for musicians and writers.

Medical Benefits of Golden Pineapple Marijuana

Golden Pineapple has gained  a lot of  i popularity as a medicinal cannabis strain as it has in several instances been used as an  option for patients with mental health conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. May people have also used this strain as relieve for migraine or chronic fatigue. Golden Pineapple is also ideal for those who require a mood or energy boost due to its long lasting happy effects.  This strain is also recommended for Cancer patients because it can help combat nausea, loss of appetite, and other side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Possible Side Effects of Golden Pineapple Weed

Generally speaking, the adverse effects associated with Golden Pineapple are similar to those of other marijuana strains and are minor such as dry and itchy eyes, and dehydration or dry mouth of cotton mouth. Using too much of this strain can result in a sudden bout of anxiety, accompanied by paranoia. 

On a final note, Golden Pineapple is an excellent option for those who need a potent herb capable of managing stress, fatigue, or depression. Although the THC content is Fairly High, this strain is suitable for novices as long as they use it in moderation. Also, this strain is relatively easy strain to grow.