An Indica-dominant kush with plenty of power, Zombie Kush from Ripper Seeds is no brainless batch of bud that’s for sure. Boasting a fair amount of pace, she flowers in as little as 55-60 days. Absolutely beautiful from head to toe (or rather root to leaf), Zombie Kush impresses with her lavish looks, pungent aroma and rich taste. Kush lovers would be crazy to miss out on this monster.



Zombie Kush took her first staggered steps (so to speak) as a Lavender kush clone, which was then pollinated by the brilliant Amnesia. From there a clone going by the name of ‘Sideral’ was selected and pollinated with Bubba Kush.

Very much a hybrid of the highest quality, Zombie Kush grows with remarkable pace and vigor. On average, you can expect her to reach her flowering peak anywhere between 55-60 days (when grown indoors). Grown outdoors, Zombie Kush hits the flowering finishing line around early October. It is recommended that she is given a generous vegetative cycle, this is in order for her to reach her fullest potential. If all is well and good, expect Zombie Kush to produce medium to high yields.

Visually striking to behold, Zombie Kush will dazzle you with her purplish color scheme and heavy scattering of trichomes that populate her large and luscious flowers. Truly a Kush lovers crop.

Made up mostly of Indica genetics (80% indica – 20% Sativa), Zombie Kush creeps up on you, penetrating deep into your whole body with her Indica-rich strength. Once fully induced expect feel completely comfortable in a state of relaxed bliss. The perfect pot for unwinding after a long day.

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