Your Security is our main Priority

First and famous.

  • This website is meant to sensitize everyone about the usefulness and importance of Medical Marijuana.

  • Secondly, we are here to sell our products anonymously online.

Things to Note

  •  This website has no link with the cops or any law enforcement agency of any kind.

  •  This website does everything to protect everyone who visits it from any leaks, websites tracking or controls.

  • This website uses SSL encryption and every information entered here is safely processed. We do not keep any logs.

You are more than protected when dealing with us.

 We do not share any information with any third party.

  1. Ordering from us, you do not need and medical card or any shopping card. And any information you pass to us like your name, emails, address are only kept for the time before your package is delivered. After your package is delivered, we permanently delete all your information and we do not hand them over to any third party for whatever reasons. So, every time you are placing an order with us, you still have to input your information.

  2. Shipping our product is another area where we maintain high security both for you and for us. Check more about our Packaging and Shipping.